Goals are to lose a bit of fat, go from about 13% to 10% BF. I am not too concerned with adding strength or bulk at this point. I have been generally following a leangains 16/8 window, eating clean, not paying much attention to calories (though generally at or below maintenence when I have entered into paleotrack), recently adding a bit more starch.

My strength work has been exclusively bodyweight, and following the convict conditioning progressions for the last 3-4 months. I am progressing well on some, least progress on pullups. Trying in the last few weeks to limit alcohol consumption from nightly wine (2-4 glasses) to 1-2 glasses on weekends.

I feel like my efforts are not getting me to the last 5 pounds/10% goal.

Most of the "get ripped" sites stress daily IF, calorie cycling, and lifting heavy/big 3 or 5 compound lifts 2-3 x per week.

Where do folks think the best bang for the buck is given the context? get more strict about calorie cycling? Shift from CC to big lifts?