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Thread: Getting married in July...primal weight loss

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    Getting married in July...primal weight loss

    Hello everyone! I guess this question is more for the ladies...I am recently engaged and am getting married in July! I am wanting to drop a few pounds...does anyone have advice or experience losing weight for a wedding amid all of the celebrations? Thanks!
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    First off, congratulations!

    He loves you as you are enough that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. I would advocate starting to eat primally for the health aspect of it, but you're going to have enough stress on your plate with the wedding and all the preparations that go with it that freaking out because you aren't losing a ton of weight on a primal diet probably won't be worth it.

    I say enjoy the experience, eat primally as much as you can, but don't get wound up over it when you can't. Getting married is a wonderful thing, but it's supposed to be about the joy of committing yourself, body and soul, to the person you love...not looking shit-hot in the photos.

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    I agree with Lemontwisst. Primal is not a quick weight loss program. We tell people to ditch the scale. Many people do lose fat quickly. Not guaranteed though.
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    Yep I agree with the above posters, if you have come for a quick weight loss fix, this is not the place

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    ...however... I successfully dropped 10kg in only a few months following strict primal. While I wish I stayed primal I didn't, and have put almost half that back on over 5-6 months. Im now back on since NY and down another 3kg. Yes, its a yoyo but I discovered that it is what made me feel great and get healthier. I'd suggest give it a try, if you love it, keep at it. If not you may let yourself go again - its all up to you.
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    My opinion? Don't worry about your weight and enjoy the process and have fun.

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