Hi all,

I didn't think this fit in with nutrition or under recipes so have posted here

I used to use tomato passta in my bolognese and then I looked at the carton and saw that it was made up of carbs, mostly from sugars

I didn't realise this until I'd taken a portion of bolognese to work for lunch and it gave me really bad indegestion

Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement? I know I could use 'real' tomatoes, but (and I know this may sound weird to some people!) I cannot stand the texture of them in my mouth and it makes me feel ill to even try eating them. I have even used chopped tomatoes in the bolognese before but even the smaller chunks make me feel ill (yep I am weird I know!).

So if anyone has any suggestions for something similar to passata, but without the junk in it, that would be great