I used to be skinny fat.

That was before I moved to Wisconsin. Now I'm not that skinny, either. I'm kinda depressed, constitutionally lazy, and about to turn forty . . . but I aten't dead yet. I'm starting again, again.

A lot of people seem to come to the Primal Blueprint after years of fitness training. Fellow PBers, that is not I. I came here after years of sitting on my tush. I believed for much of my life that a) exercise was work for no reason and therefore contrary to common sense and b) sports were invented to torture people like me, that is, pale outsiders who prefer arguing about books to chasing balls up and down a big rectangle. Eventually I realized I had a body to worry about, and that exercise could be fun in and of itself . . . but some part of me still thinks, "Can you believe I'm really doing this? This working out thing just isn't me. No, I'm that girl in the corner with her nose in a book."

On other hand, that girl has always loved her salty snacks. Maybe that's why my other attempts at doing this didn't result in a lot of weight loss. Even though I was working out some, I was really grooving on being allowed to eat infinite amounts of meat and macadamia nuts while catching up on my Sisson-inspired reading. In other words, I changed my diet a lot and got a little fitter . . . but I didn't change my mind. And eventually I just went back to being myself.

So this time, it's myself I have to change.

Goal 1: Build an exercise habit. By the end of a 66 day period, I want to be doing the recommended weekly workout cycles (3+ hours of something a little harder than just walking on the flat, 2-3 days heavy lifting, 1 day sprint, 1 day playing hard with my kid). For right now, I'm gaining cardiovascular strength and doing physical therapy on my shoulders. Not glamorous, but . . . that's me.

Goal 2: Ease in to the dietary changes. Though I'm tempted to go all in (because I like feeling gung-ho and I know I can be successful at that part of the PB at least), I'm starting only with this: switching to herbal tea and homemade flavored fizzy water instead of beer at night. Yep, that's it. When that gets automatic, I'll move to the next thing.