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Thread: Thoughts on Primal and lowering BP: Personal experiences please!

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    Thoughts on Primal and lowering BP: Personal experiences please!

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    While eating the basic PB diet, is there anything specific that you have done that helped or is helping to lower your blood pressure? I'm 28, on a drug called Bisoprolol Fumarate and just hate it. I'd love to get off of BP meds in full, but have not had any success so far. I take fish oil, and vitamin d3.

    I'd appreciate some advice if there's any to be had out there!

    Cheers all, and thanks!

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    Well, I've never had high blood pressure but my normal bp was 120/80. Recently had it checked and it was 90/58. Husband's is generally 120/80 possibly a smidge higher his was 116/80 so not a big change but he eats sweets, sugar in his coffee and I don't know how many coffees or possibly cola drinks per day. I follow a very low carb high fat diet because I want to lose 40+ pounds. Husband is close to his ideal weight.

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