My one year primal results:

Weight: down (lost 15 lbs, started out wanting to lose 10)

Activity: UP! Former couch potato, now I exercise regularly. I run when it's nice out. I walk minimum 10k steps a day. I do bootcamp, TRX, and sprint hills

Lab work: Rockstar!

It's been a great year and I've somewhat settled into an 85/15 lifestyle. I'm okay with not following Primal to the letter. I still dip my vegetables in hummus and I'm okay with eating peanuts instead of almonds sometimes. Hurricane Sandy proved to be a challenging couple of weeks as we were guests in other people's homes while we were without power for almost 2 weeks, and I slipped up with holiday desserts. Back in the saddle now.

I had hoped to locate my previous year's blood work to have a direct comparison but I was unable to find it. As memory serves my previous results were perfectly fine and within normal range. Despite all my readings and documentary watching, I was still nervous that conventional wisdom would come back and bite me in the tush for eating copious amounts of meat and fats, especially fats derived from animal sources. Not so!

Stats below for my fellow number/stat geeks:

Total: 204 (ideal is under 200, and this number went up a little bit in the past year, probably in the 190s before)

Trigs: 36 (ideal is under 150, under 100 is considered excellent)

HDL: 81 (ideal is over 40, over 60 is considered a negative risk factor for coronary heart disease. This number went up, it was in the 60s the previous year)

LDL: 116 calculated using Friedewald equation; I calculated LDL at 78 using Iranian Equation

Ratios: the true predictor of heart disease (Thanks to Griff's Cholesterol Primer for the great info!):

The ideal ratio of Total/HDL is 4.4 for women and 5 for men.
Mine is 2.51

The ideal ratio of Trig/HDL is 2 or below. 4 is high. 6 is "danger!!" Indicates the risk for heart disease.
Mine is 0.44

The ideal ratio of LDL to HDL is 4.3 or lower. 4.4 to 7.1 is average. 7.1 to 11 is moderate. 11 or higher indicates a high risk for developing heart disease. The ratio of LDL to HDL is considered to be a marker of carotid plaque.
Mine is 1.43 (Freidewald) 0.96 (Iranian)

I can also confirm I do not have any plaque in my carotid artery. I'm a sonographer student and had it scanned in my lab this week.

In summary
I feel this was very successful year. My father had a triple bypass when he was in his 50s and I have been working to avoid following in his footsteps. In addition, I want the family tradition of diabetes to end with him. My blood results indicated I have the inflammation levels of a newborn baby. My biggest goal was to hit my 40th birthday in the best shape of my life and I did it. It's the foundation I want to build upon in the years to come.