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Thread: Heel pain when standing barefoot or in VFFs

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    Heel pain when standing barefoot or in VFFs

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    I have an adjustable (sit-stand) workstation, and when I'm standing it's either barefoot or in VFFs. I always end up with pain in my heels (which is what makes me need to sit down for awhile). I end up having to vary my position quite often - 1 foot propped on a chair, standing in a modified tree pose, etc. But I still get the heel pain. I don't have flat feet, but it seems that I'm not distributing my weight properly. All of my flip flops have a very pronounced hollow where the heel is.
    Is there a certain stance that will help to distribute weight more evenly and take the pressure off of the heels?

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    Have you considered an anti-fatigue mat? I have a foam one that I picked up for about $10 and it helps tremendously.

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    Try shifting your body weight forward and engaging your calf muscles. This should relieve some of the weight from your heels and move it more onto the balls of your feet.

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