Hi all,

Two questions on post-lifting nutrition.

My base diet is meat/veggies/nuts. I do weightlifting ~3 times per week - after which I have a protein shake and 'extra' carbs (fruit or sweet potato) to increase protein / carb intake immediately after lifting. I also do a carb refuel day once per week (kind of like a paleo cheat day). I'm worried that my protein shake is bad for me, and that I'm eating too many 'extra' carbs post-workout. Basically, I want to ingest sufficient protein/carbs to enable muscle growth, but I don't want to take in bad stuff / too much.

Some additional context:
I'm 5'9", ~170-175 lb, ~12-14% bodyfat
My goal is body recomp of ~5 lbs of fat to muscle to reduce bodyfat ~3pp

So, my questions are:

1) How many 'extra' carbs do you think I need post-workout to capture the potential muscle gain? I'm doing ~45 minutes of hypertrophy-oriented lifting (i.e., I don't think I'm depleting glycogen like an endurance athlete). Currently eating ~10 oz. of berries/mango/etc. or 1 medium sweet potato.

2) Does my current protein shake (Syntha 6 - Vanilla BSN® SYNTHA-6™ - Vanilla Ice Cream - BSN - GNC) contain anything too terrible for me? I'm pretty sure the soy lecithin at least is not helpful. I'm considering doing whey protein isolate + cocoa powder + coconut milk - does that seem better? I've tried straight whey protein isolate in the past, and it tastes really bad, so I'd like to add paleo-friendly ingredients to help taste (maybe almond butter, too?). This topic feels very subjective, btw, with many varied opinions, so any insight is appreciated.

Thank you for all of your insight and expertise!!