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    I have it a couple times a month, always with butter and nutritional yeast. Soooooo delicious. A very worthwhile treat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
    The Indians thrived on corn way back when...
    My understanding is, even they started having tooth problems when they began to consume corn.

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    It's a grain, so not primal, but as some said, you can count it as part of your 20%. I don't eat popcorn, but I do eat some locally bred (I know that bred isn't the correct term for making hybrid vegetation, but I don't know the correct term even though I should being a farmer's son...) and grown sweet corn when it's in season at the end of the summer. Been doing that my whole life, always will haha

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    100% not Primal but I eat it once in a while. I can chew up a whole large mixing bowl without swallowing.

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    Corn is a grain. I know the gov tries to claim that corn on the cob is a veg and when it dies it magically turns into a grain...but it is always a grain.
    A 100 grams of corn kernels has 81 calories 100g of air popped is 382 calories. Per cup kernels have more more calories but by weight air popped tops the calorie hit.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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