When I announced to my Polish mother a few months ago that bone broth was "one of the most healing foods you could eat" she looked at me as if to say "Yeah? No shit Sherlock!"

My first two attempts at broth were done using bones of chicken I'd roasted, but when I reported back to Mum she advised me to use the meat et al in the broth. Soo - I did it with lamb. And my mother was right. Amazing lamb broth ahoy - I am so proud of myself

I'm not really one for recipes, but here's what I did:

Half leg of lamb
two onions
head of garlic (not chopped - I like the cloves as a veggie)
two carrots
three big potatoes
green bell pepper
a few dashes of red wine
loads of salt, pepper, and rosemary.

Bunged together in a slow cooker for five hours or so. The flavour initially was super intense, so after I had a portion I added more water, and now it's perfect. I've already eaten all the veggies out of it, so I'm going to leave it in the slow cooker for a few days and keep adding veg as I want it. Once all the lamb flesh is gone it will just be regular bone broth