My husband has started snoring in the last two months. REALLY BADLY. To the point where one night I got up and slept on the couch and could hear him in there. It is not cool. He wakes me up from 2-4 every night. Over the past week, it has gotten worse. Now he snores from at least 2am to 7am.

Our sleeping options are the couch or the bed. So, seperate bedrooms are a no-go for now.

I think what happened is I put up darkening curtains so now the room is really dark and he sleeps better. At first, I thought maybe the alcohol or weight gain, but he is not that fat at all, and drinking doesn't seem to factor in. He spent last night sober and snored all night.

He was gone for work a few week ago, and I slept so well, through the night. I woke up feeling amazing. I doubt the problem is with me being a light sleeper. He keeps saying that is the case.... Also, he suggested ear plugs, but when I wear ear plugs for a few hours, I tend to get nasty ear infections.

Any thoughts on what to do? Besides take turns sleeping on the couch, which is a crappy night of sleep? We do have an extra room that could become a bedroom, but I don't know, that just is kind of sad. Any home remedies that have worked for the people of MDA?