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Thread: Snoring

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    What if he just wants you to sleep on the couch, and snoring is the only way his behavior could manifest this unwelcome desire?

    He does eat grains... LOVES beer.

    Googling Puresleep
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    I can sleep through major thunderstorm systems and stuff, so my guy's snoring never woke me, it was more a matter of getting torqued because I couldn't hear my DVD movie any more once he dropped off. Dude was LOUD.

    I say WAS loud, because the snoring insidiously got louder and acquired qualities I didn't like, like appearing to forget to breathe... Long story short, I told him to get himself to an ENT/sleep study of his choosing, or I would make the appointment and hijack his keester, he went, and had sleep apnea so bad that the techs woke him up after the shortest testing time possible and hooked him up with a cpap unit. He slept like a baby the rest of that study night and returned home with more energy than I had seen in a long time from him, and that after just one night with the unit.

    Snoring of that decibel level is a sign of something amiss. Snoring is not an efficient way to breathe, and that reduced oxygen level makes itself felt in the body, even if the lower performance isn't easily noticed because it creeps up on one. I really think the first stop should be a good ENT doc to rule out stuff.
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