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Thread: Eat More Fat! The Nutritional Ketosis Challenge continues...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ez2cy View Post
    I'm at 211, and like I said, both sites are giving me roughly the same number to lose 2 lbs/week. (that's as high as it will go as well, weightloss/week)
    Remember, that those 2 lbs a week are based on using CW (conventional wisdom) methods such as eating healthy whole grains. I think I looked up your height and goal weight range for men when you first joined us. I thought 170 was a good goal. Should have posted that, sorry. You don't want to be a 150lb weakling, but a 170lb Primal Hunk.

    That would put you at 77kg
    70-84g protein
    154g fat and
    39g carb max

    About 1800-1900 cals

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi View Post
    okay - I'm getting some keto-sticks - cuz I think trying to get that little stick to turn purple is a great motivator to stay on track!

    any suggestions for a cheap source? -- okay - I'm finding on Low Carb Friends that Walmart has them on the cheap - and most people there cut them in 1/2 making 100 sticks for around 6 bucks. Going to walmart!
    I haven't been able to find ketosticks at the Walmart on Turner Rd the last few times I checked. Walgreens on River Rd has them behind the pharmacy counter for about $10 for 50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn26point2 View Post
    You can go to "settings", then select "Goals". Once in the goals screen, click on custom to change your goals to be how you want them.

    Once on the next screen, input the calorie goal you get using the equations found on the first post. Then adjust to 10% carbs, 70% fat and 20% protein. That is roughly what you want to aim for.
    Thank you for this info - I signed up to MFP just today and I could not figure out how to adjust my %'s till I saw this post. Very appreciated :-)

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    Ez2cy, I would consider 1,500 basement low, wouldnt go below that except maybe one day a week. You don't want your body fighting back.

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    Ok......houston.....we have a problem...I've eaten just over 1100 cals today and I'm stuffed!!!!

    Ashley...notice you are a farrier.....likewise (retired). Head down ass up!
    55 yr old male


    Weight; 199
    Chest; 41.5
    Waist; 42
    Hips; 40
    Thigh; 22.5
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 17


    Weight; 200
    Chest; 42
    Waist; 42.5
    Hips; 39
    Thigh; 23
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 16

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    Okay - I've done the math* and can properly post!

    My Macros:
    Goal: 61kg
    Calories: 1444
    Fat: 120g
    Protein: 61g
    Carbs: 30g

    When I entered my calories and percentage goals into myfitnesspal, I selected the 10% carbs (it was that or 5%) and got these numbers:
    Calories: 1444
    Fat: 112g (70%)
    Protein: 72g (20%)
    Carbs: 36g (10%)

    Goals: to increase my fat to protein ratio, to survive this cruise I'm doing next week, to not go stir crazy over all these darn numbers!!

    *thanks to Pebbles67, who was an enormous help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ez2cy View Post
    Ok......houston.....we have a problem...I've eaten just over 1100 cals today and I'm stuffed!!!!
    seriously, what are you eating?

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    On a low day, I eat approx 1200 cals a day. On a good day, I am in the 1500's. I have never been able to hit that 1636 mark that I am supposed to meet.

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    I posted this earlier today but it got lost back on page 50 so I'm going to try 1 more time for the evening (?) crowd. I just feel like I'm not getting enough.

    I've been posting here but haven't posted my macros or typical meals. I started out losing weight like crazy and have slowed down. I've only been doing this for 3 weeks and I'm not concerned about the slowdown...I get that it's a process but would like for someone to look over my stuff to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong already. I've made the decision to purchase a blood ketone monitor because I'm pretty analytical and need to know. :-)

    Goal Weight - 90.7 kg
    Protein - 81-99g
    Carbs - 45g
    Fat - 180g

    BF - 3 Omega 3 eggs, 1 piece of bacon. Espresso with coconut milk and HWC
    Lunch - 8oz of pork spare ribs, 5 spears of asparagus, 1/2 c broccoli
    Dinner - 8oz of pork spare ribs, 1 c broccoli

    Protein - 82g
    Carbs - 7g
    Fat - 161g

    Protein - 74
    Carbs - 5
    Fat - 83

    Everything look ok? I do exercise 5 times a week. I either jog or swim laps.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    My thyroid has changed several times over the last few months. My free t4 was 1.75 a few weeks ago. TSH was .39 which is low. Which is right at the high end of normal. t3 was 2.7. Which is supposed to be normal. She did up my synthroid a bit. Blood sugar was 6.4 I think, high but I know that. Lower than it has been. Not sure on Vit D and ferritin but I am adding D3 back in as well as magnesium. Thanks for your experience. Maybe I am on the right track.

    Quote Originally Posted by marcadav View Post
    My experience-- My fibro went away when my thyroid meds were optimized. Prior to those getting optimized I worked on getting ferritin, vitamin D and female hormones optimized.

    For me-- TSH must be ignored and Free T4 and Free T3 need to be above midrange of their respective ranges. In fact I feel best when they are at about 75%.

    With respect to carbs, again for me, going VLC for very long makes my FT3 drop to barely in range. I found myself with low T3 and symptomatic in October when things were tested. Because of that, I experimented and ate a great deal more carbs (didn't track) from the end of October until January. On January 7 I had my frees retested and my T3 was back up where I feel best. This told me I need more carbs in my diet in order for thyroid hormone conversion to work properly.

    Do you have test results for freeT4 and freeT3? How is your vitamin D, ferritin, blood sugar?
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

    Age 48
    height 5'3
    SW 215 lbs
    CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
    LW 172 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs

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