29weeks pregnant, I'm 4'9", 160pounds. Started at 190 after giving birth to my son in April 2011. Weighed 160 before we knew I was pregnant (found out early august), went to 150, now back to 160. Just for added ... effect?... I have a shirt that I couldnt get into before I was pregnant that can fit me fine now&I do have a big baby belly!! Been primal on&off for over a year. I guess I have a net gain of 0 so far with this pregnancy since I lost 10pounds at first?
Tested positive for hypothyroidism so I was on a medicine 1/2grain 2x a day and was hoping eating primally would help make it better. Didn't at first (started eating primally, THEN was diagnosed) but the midwife had my thyroid levels checked (t3&t4) and said everything was in the normal range so who knows if that's normal for me. Hard to tell if I feel better because I'm pregnant&not sure if the ickiness is from my thyroid or from my baby lol

1st trimester: I was hungry but had no appetite whatsoever so I wouldn't eat and then I'd get nauseous&this whole cycle is back with a vengeance this trimester.

2nd trimester: Nothing memorable to report other than cravings closer to the end of the trimester

3rd trimester OH MY GOD. Everything. You name it. Aches&pains, hips trying to give out, can't even exercise because I feel so tired&if I do exercise or even clean I feel worse, major sciatica pain, heartburn if i eat too soon before laying down, MASSIVE cravings - not just sweet stuff but for HIGH CALORIE things like milk shakes&giant greasy burgers.

I don't keep track of what I eat anymore or when but I'd say more often than not I'll have a handful (I have pretty small hands) of some kind of meat - usually roast or everything else I make in the crockpot lol - plus some potato with butter&cottage cheese. I'm trying to get more eggs in, same with veggies but since getting pregnant, veggies either gross me out or are soooooo unappealing - pretty sad since i used to LOVE them, especially spinach - I try to eat an avocado every day
Lately it's been smoothies since nothing sounds appetizing - not even smoothies - so 1/2 a nanner, flax meal, coconut milk, almond butter, honey, avocado maybe
I was going on a warm berries with cottage cheese (plus maple syrup&sliced almonds) kick, that was way different for me lol

Question 1: When you're stomach/body is very hungry but you have no appetite, or nothing ever sounds good at ALL, what do you do? I should eat to stop the nausea before it starts but nothing sounds even appetizing so I'm having a hard time deciding what the "best" thing to eat is-nutrient wise&something that will keep me full so I don't have to worry about this problem SO often during the day lol

Question 2: What are your theories about why I'm craving such high calorie foods? Just because I'm pregnant&my body thinks I need the calories? As you can see, I am overweight&am trying to not gain as much this pregnancy (gained 80pounds with my son so I'm doing REALLY good so far).

Question 3: I wasn't able to breastfeed my son (i contribute that to poor eating&my thyroid problem), even after trying EVERYTHING to produce more milk&nothing worked =( Has anyone not been able to breastfeed, switched to primal, then was able to breastfeed another child? My BIGGEST dream is being able to feed my baby MY MILK and not some gross, unnatural formula!

Question 4: I've been making bone broths (for thyroid&baby/stretch marks)&researching&researching and even after doing everything that all these blogs suggest, my broths don't taste good. I was hoping they'd be better tasting than store bought but that is certainly not the case. I've roasted the bones&added the acv&it just doesn't turn out as expected, maybe i'm expecting too much? Always comes out like jello though so that's good!

Question 5: I hear that low carb is bad for thyroid, and I firmly believe it because when I was going for ketosis, I always felt like shit. ALWAYS. Never came out of what seemed like the "carb flu". Plus the best I EVER felt was when I was basically a fruitarian - VERY different from what I've been taught about primal lol Anyway, I'm wanting to lose weight but also feel good so I'm having a hard time figuring out how much of my diet should be carbs. Do some of you work better with a potato every day, every few days, or go for a completely different kind of carb?

Question 6: Do you think your baby has been healthier - stronger, more active - because of being primal in the womb? I've been able to feel this baby since a little before 4 months i believe and she just kicks SO HARD, to the point where it throws me off balance. Just wondering if diet has anything to do with it since my 1st pregnancy i ate almost nothing but processed carbs&he didn't seem very active

Question 7: Were you able to give birth naturally? I gave birth naturally with my first, but with severe back labor, and I guess I'm worried about this baby because I want to give birth at home&just don't want anything to go wrong so I end up in the hospital. Hoping she's not giant because I really don't want a c section - the thought of having my baby surgically removed&having to deal with post surgery really irritates me - so, like all moms, i just want delivery to go smoothly

Question 8: Do you have ANY other tips, recommendations, stories, advice, ANYTHING that you could tell me so I'm more prepared for delivery, having 2 kids, how to keep up with my thyroid, anything at all is GREATLY appreciated!!

So sorry this post is SO long, and thank you so much for taking the time to read it!