I have been primal for a good number of months now. I went primal due to having two diseases of inflammation and pre-diabetes. I feel fantastic and I am looking better too !!! I eat 70%+ fat and keep my carbs low.

One problem. I am really tiny. I barely reach 5'0 and I weigh 98.5 lbs right now (down from 102). I have a small frame (half asian). I am a perfect example of skinny fat, lots of cellulite and fat blobs on my thighs (although decreasing). I carry my weight in my legs and since having two children the muscle in my legs has gone to fat. Right now I am doing strength training and some cardio. I am concerned about dropping more in scale weight. I do want the fat off my legs, or at least to reduce it down a little more but I also am not sure being 95 lbs or something like that is good either.

Should I be eating very low carb (less than 50 grams) or should I stay within 100 g ? I eat 1800 or more calories a day. I eat TONS of coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut butter. At this point I want to continue to lean my lower half by exchanging the fat for muscle. My biggest concern is diet. Suggestions? Thanks!