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    eating sea snails?

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    Whenever I go out walking on the jetty rocks I see tons and tons of snails on the rocks. I wonder if these are safe to eat? I would love to go out and get free food! Anyone here have experience with catching/cooking snails? saltwater snails?

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    Dunno. Never tried that. Look it up, tell us what you find.

    If you can find any old timers local to your area they might have info about the local foods in vicinity. They might be able to tell you about the particular snails where you live. Also consider possible sources of local environmental pollution, would it be safe to harvest foods from that particular beach? Or is ther a local army base that has been storing nerve gas in leaky drums nearby, that sort of thing. Park rangers, environmental scientists, local colleges might have info on that sort of thing. Worth a shot.

    Other than that, garlic and butter, you can't miss.

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    Report back if you try it!

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    I don't know what you are calling sea snails. If you mean abalone, whelks, conches, and limpets they are most definitely edible and nutritious and delicious.

    If you are not too familiar with mollusks, have someone show you what cone snails are. They look so pretty and cool yet they are actually responsible for more deaths than mean old sharks. A small 'needle' hits you and fills you with some mean venom.

    Look for an old book in the library. "The Edible Sea" by Paul and Mavis Hill. Used to be my bible for catching and eating anything and everything from the sea.

    Check the environment. If their habitat is at some sort of waste matter efluent I wouldn't eat them.
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