I'm a little older than some of you so please keep this in mind. My schedule is this:

Monday: squat, bench, dumbbell rows, RDLs, lat pulls
Thursday: squat, press, deadlift

Firstly, I microload squats by 2.5lbs each time and microload upper body by 1.25lbs. So far I have kept up 5lb increments on deadlift but may switch to 2.5lbs.

Secondly, I'm pretty beat up by the time I get to deadlift after squatting and pressing. Struggling to put the plates on the bar, which is on the floor, also wears me out. With all the warmups, I end up changing plates 4 times.

If I attempt to lift my work weight and I fail to lift it, what is the best thing to do?

1. Take off some plates and lift 5x a lighter weight
2. Come back on Friday and try the same weight
2. a) I should do deadlift all by itself on Friday all the time
3. Don't do anything, just try the same weight next week