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Thread: How does paleo 'movement' connect with healthy natural world?

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    How does paleo 'movement' connect with healthy natural world?

    I am convinced that applying paleolithic principles to our foodways would benefit the health of all. Working with and for Indigenous Peoples for many years has regularly reminded me that true health cannot be fully achieved unless our families, communities and natural world are also healthy. It also connects not only to the the mental, physical and emotional dimensions of a person but also, the spiritual (one thread recently talked about this, sorry, can't find).
    For my family and many friends, eating is closely tied to the forest and gardens that surround us. Ditching grains (serious fresh whole grain bread addiction!), legumes (never a fan so easy to do), etc. shifted the foodway for me naturally into paleo. Along with most others, I have experienced substantial health benefits (e.g. GERD and inflammation gone).
    At the same time, I am deeply concerned about many environmental concerns (here in Canada right now erasing the protection of water, mono-culturing of foods, the ever increasing corporatism of foods, pollution, oil sands, Indigenous rights, etc.). The Idle No More movement began among four women here in Saskatchewan, around these same issues.
    I got thinking about all this and thought to ask you folks what you think. How does this all connect, or should it be connected? Is so, how?
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