Ok, I admit, I am only a few weeks into 'full' primal eating but I have been wheat and bread free for nearly a fortnight before moving into the primal way of life.

But my first observation is simply that well...I'm simply not hungry! I find it easy to go from breakfast to dinner without even thinking about food. This is a far cry from days old where I used to literally be counting down the minutes until I was able to eat my next 'meal' and obsessing about what I was eating and what it would taste like.

I am also a recovered bulimic, and so acutely prone to emotional eating, and in the last week or two I haven't had the daily struggle of only consuming the one slice of toast, or one bagel (obviously the reasons for this are clear to me now I know all about the effects of grains and insulin!!!), or 40grams of pasta which is giving me a sense of inner peace and calm around food which, honestly, I can't remember feeling ever!

My second observation, is how much less bloated and sluggish I feel general, especially after eating and last thing at night - its staggering, and worryingly shows me just how much damage my wheat and grain diet of old was actually doing to my body and my digestive system.

I know I am brand new in terms of adapting to this lifestyle, but if the last few weeks are anything to go by I really am looking forward to my happy, healthy, primal future!