I have been doing starting strength for about 7 months before 'injuring" my back about 1-2 months ago. Most likely due to improper squat and deadlift form (butt rising too early). I wanted to keep a bit of volume in my training so I pickup up p.h.a.t (combination of strength training and bodybuilding). I continued to do leg press in order to keep as much muscle as possible in my legs. However right now I'm recovered from my back pain and I have started squatting and deadlifting again with proper form (I hope). But now I'm doubting between going back to SS or doing my own version of p.h.a.t. Which is basically also doing press, bench, squat, and deadlifts 3x5 3x a week but just on separate days and with some other exercises like dumbbell bench press, press, bent over rows, leg press etc. afterwards.
What do you think? Go back to SS or keep doing what I'm doing now.