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Thread: Statin from Tea - How much is too much?

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    Statin from Tea - How much is too much?

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    Even before discovering this site, I was skeptical of Statin. This is because I was aware the body used cholesterol, and that the liver played a role in production, and that the liver's ability was inhibited by Statin.

    I am not fond of "patching" dietary problems in a person. Either address the cause, or suffer.

    I wasn't aware of the OTHER side effects of statin until reading this site, however. It simply wasn't something I had thought to research - never used it, myself.

    But in 2012 I started getting into Chinese and Japanese style teas in a big way - particularly the Chinese ones.

    I became acquainted with one called Shu Pu'er. In a nutshell, it's a variant of green tea that gets piled up and wetted down. The goal is to let bacteria and yeasts get at it. This alters the chemical composition.

    One of the byproducts of this process is the potential production of statin. Apparently, there's a yeast out there that puts it off as a waste product.

    It -appears- that, when made under under lab conditions, the max they could discern from a single gram of pu'er was just under 50 micrograms (ug, μg)

    Effect of microbial fermentation on conten... [J Agric Food Chem. 2007] - PubMed - NCBI

    I've read the average statin prescription is for 4 or 5 milligrams.

    This means I'd have to drink a preposterous amount (if I did my math right, and if this 48μg was what infused out of the leaves) to reach "prescription levels".

    What I'm wondering is, how much statin is approaching poison? How long does that stuff stay kicking around the body?

    I am also wondering if it shows up in other fermented foods.


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    It's the Red Yeast that causes it. It's how they make the Red Yeast rice supplements that they sell as a "natural statin," and what colors Peking Duck. There is some thoughts out there that it is a safer way of ingesting statins because it is more natural, if you believe in the efficacy of statins. I believe that the amount you are ingesting from a food product is not enough to cause any harm, so enjoy you tea.

    It takes 1000mcg to make 1mg. So if you followed that ratio your numbers are correct. As far as what is approaching poisoning, that is going to vary by individual. Some can take insanely large doses without problems, others look at a statin funny and they are having side effects.

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