Hi. I'm a longtime MDA fan but first time poster.

My wife and I are the proud parents of a beautiful six month old girl, our first child. With the exception of some formula given at the hospital right after our daughter was born and added to breast milk to increase its calorie density in the first few weeks of daughter's life, our daughter has lived pretty much completely on breast milk. (However, daughter won't take straight from the breast. Her milk supply comes pumped and bottled.) We are now experimenting with solid food---sweet potatoes, avocado, tiny bits of ground beef, but breast milk still accounts for almost 100% of my daughter's food intake. Our girl was born healthy but six weeks early, with a birth weight of 4 pounds. She is now over 14 pounds and is very strong, healthy, and lively.

Lately, my wife has become worried that daughter's appetite may overtake her milk supply. Although we take a dim view of formula, we aren't absolutists against it, and given my wife's supply concerns, we have been trying to give daughter some formula, both mixed with breast milk and by itself. Our daughter seems to hate it; she won't take formula straight, and she only takes it mixed if it is so heavily diluted with breast milk so as to not make much difference to the supply issue. And of course, we're not excited to be giving her formula, so if we can do something else, great. But it does seem that we do need to figure out something so that we don't reach the point where daughter is hungry but we don't have anything to give her that she actually wants. My wife plans to provide breast milk for daughter at least until twelve months and seems less eager than I to add solid foods in any significant quantity. However, it seems that my wife's breast milk production may not necessarily always meet the demands of daughter's voracious appetite. I'm wondering what we can do to keep daughter's tummy full and her growing body's needs met.

FWIW, my wife eat a mostly primal diet.

Anyway, what's the best thing to do in our situation? Thanks.