I've been primal since jan 4th and still no movement in the scale or measurements. I use myfitness pal to judge how much I'm eating(1500-1700cal) a day as a 43yo male 5'10" tall. Im eating no grains or dairy at about 50-60 grams a day of carbs. I buy almost all of my meat and chicken as free range or grass fed. My energy levels are good and I'm never really hungry like I was as a carb eater. I just thought I should be starting to drop the fat by now. 41 inch waist is too much!

breakfast: 2 eggs and 4oz of shrimp with spinach and 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: 5oz of either chuck roast or chicken and steamed kale in coconut oil

dinner: 6-8oz of meat with veggies and a pat of butter

snack: usually a paleo muffin( made with almond flour and eggs (200cal each).

maybe I'm missing something ? 12 miles a week walking