I used to eat a lot of pizza before going primal. The other day I had this idea for a primal pizza, so I made it last night, and the result...Amazing!!!!

thin sliced potato deep fried in lard until they are just crispy
while they are cooking heat up a cast iron frying pan with some ghee, or other fat to a low heat
line the pan with the potatoes and add enough scrambled eggs to cover the whole pan let it cook on low until the eggs are mostly set.

Tomato sauce followed by your usual pizza toppings. With a good bit of cheese on top
I did ground beef fried with onion, and mixed in the tomato sauce, and some left over bacon chopped up. Kind of a bacon cheese burger pizza

Bake at 350 until the cheese is melted, then broil until it is slightly browned. Let it sit for 5 min then try to not eat the whole thing lol, it is that good!!! Unfortunately you have to eat it with a fork, and knife, with your hands just doesn't work.

I will try to attach a pic of the finished pizza to this thread so that you can see how good it looks.