So Iíve just got back from my appt with a senior pathology specialist about my high cholesterol.

Here are my Jan 2013 numbers:

Total 10.26(396)
HDL 2.35(90.8)
LDL 7.59(293)
TRIGS 0.70(62)
APO A 2.28
APO B 2.14

Cpr <1
Vit D 59(148)

My numbers have been around these numbers since I went high fat, low carb a few years ago.
Previously my numbers were a lot lower, though trigs were slightly higher and HDL a bit lower.

This is the first time Iíve had the Apoliprotein A & B tested, the specialist said heís concerned about the high LDL, and the Apo B numbers.

Can anyone look at these numbers and determine if I should be worried or not.

Iím male, 46, 5í9Ē, 138lbs, very active, run, cycle or weights most days.

I eat a fair amount of fish a week, salmon, mackerel, cod.
Lamb and Beef once a week.
A small amount of lambs liver twice a week.
8-10 eggs a week.
Little dairy,a bit of greek yoghurt and raw cream.
Lots of veg with lots of butter and EVOO.
Avocadoes, 1 piece of fruit a day
Coconut ouil and milk regularly.
Macadamia nuts(50g a day) and 1 or 2 brazil nuts a day.
1 small sweet potatoe a day.
A couple of glasses of red wine a week.
Small amount of dark chocolate.
No caffeine at all, just herbal teas and water.

Thatís about it for my diet, the doc said to have 1 egg a week, no liver, no lamb(too fatty!) a small amount of EVOO, no butter, no avocadoes.
He said to eat lots of fish, chicken, veg and fruit, and not a lot else!
Now, as I said, I work out most days, and generally aim for 2,500-3000 cals a day. Thatís an awful lot of fish, fruit and veg with no fats to get to 3000 cals!

All my other labs were excellent, he said the Vit D and B were very high, he couldnít believe I donít take Vit B supplements, guess itís the liver.
He checked me over for cholesterol deposits, none anywhere. He ruled out FH.
He listened to my arteries and heart, all excellent.
He was desperate to put me on statins, but has given me 4 months to sort via diet.
Heís sending me for a scan to check for any furring in the arteries.

Any feedback.advice would be greatly appreciated.