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    Did you say that you got that epstein barr virus? But thats the cause of being tired! Google it, thats really nasty one!

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    Nah, just got tested for it, I'll let you know if it comes back positive.
    BUT - I have some news. I tried the protein thing as it just felt right, I ate 2 lamb shanks for brekkie, then bacon and chicken (eaten in the garden grabbing salad as I went )
    then roast beef, plus a protein shake earlier,
    and just more, and it was better. much better,
    I'll keep on it, and see what happens.
    thank you !!!

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    Aylaway- I was hoping for an update on how your feeling and what changes you made. I've been PB since Jan. 6, needing to lose about 20lbs. I'm soooooo tired though. I'm fine through out the morning until about 3pm then I hit a wall and I'm just exhausted and can't wait for bed. I'd love to hear how your doing and the changes you made! Thanks.

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    Sleepy, tired, fatigued, exhausted.....they may not all be the same.

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