Hey folks. I started the I hate to say it this way,but, Diet, this Monday. In the beginning, do you feel kind of strange in the stomach area? I mean like a little nauseated? Back in the early 90's I was powerlifting and got on a diet called the Anabolic diet. It was great for getting very tight and no body fat. It was basically a high fat diet with little carbs too. I ate around 10,000 calories a day. Yes,that is no typeo,I said 10,000 calories. I would go through 18 count eggs a day,family packs of ground beef in 2 days,and mayo was my friend for extra calories,not to mention cheese galore. I pre-made everything on Sundays for the week. I carried with me everywhere one of the biggest lunch boxes imaginable. If someone was having a dinner or family get together,my lunch box went with me. I never,and I repeat never,took steroids and I was very very strong and tight. One day at my Grandmothers,she said something to me and jokingly leaned over and hit my arm. The first thing out of her mouth was,"You feel like you have concrete in there". If you take a piece of steel and try to pinch it you get nothing between your fingers. That's what I was like. You could not get a pinch or grip anywhere. That diet worked great. During the transitional phase, which was I think,the first three weeks,they said that you would feel bad like the flu. Well, they were right. I'm just wondering if this is like that to some degree. Oh,just to let you folks know, I had gotten so bulky that I had to have my suits made to fit and when not dressed up I wore sweat pants everywhere. My legs were to big to fit into a regular pair of jeans. I loved working my legs they were my favorite body part since everyone else complained about doing legs,I relished doing them. I quit 14 years ago the night my first son was born. I actually dropped my wife off at the hospital and went to work out. Since,I've just gotten out of shape. I now wear a 44 waist, which I never was in anything more than a 34" and broken down more or less. Remember the legs I loved to work out? Well,yeah,they hurt now. Anyway,sorry for the history,but, is the stomach issue part of the transition?