I have come to the conclusion that I am mostly endomorphic. I haven't made this conclusion lightly. In fact, I used to believe that body types were just a myth. What I have read across the internet includes many tips that I just don't believe due to my loyalty to the Primal way (such as eating 6 meals a day). Other tips seem like they might actually be the key to lose the weight I need to. Apparently, it is in my nature as an endomorph to prefer strength training (and I do). What I've read says that I need to work on my "weaknesses" to attain my goals, which would be cardio and endurance.

In response, I've taken to doing low level cardio, keeping the heart rate in Mark's recommended 55-75% range, 5 days a week for 45 minutes each session. I also started sprinting once a week (8 ~100m sprints w/1 minute rests). The advice also says to frequently engage in high intensity exercise, but I doubt I could do that as I would be continuously sore. I currently do exercises as laid out in Convict Conditioning (avoid weight lifting due to a back injury) three times a week. I squat all three sessions, pushups in two, ab work in all three, and bridging and pullups just once.

Seeing as endomorphs gain muscle easily, and keep it easily, I was wondering if I could get away with decreasing my volume of strength training and replacing it with more low level cardio (and if it would be more beneficial for an endomorph like myself...for efficiency's sake. I know from past threads that I've started that efficiency is a dirty word on this forum, but I do not have a lot of time throughout the week, no getting around it. I surmise that doing this would also free up recovery that my muscle would otherwise need from the strength training. This way, I can engage in short spouts of high intensity exercise frequently (perhaps something like 20 fast pushups several times throughout my working day).

BTW, I'm not concerned with slowed progress on my strength. Just want to maintain what I have until I finally reach my desired leanness. I'm working my way up to the progression standard of each exercise that I'm on, then I'll just stop there for now (already there with full squats, just a matter of decreasing resting time).


Also, slightly off topic, but I just want to know if something I read was true about endomorphs. It said something along the lines of an endomorph hanging onto fat so much that even when a fat cell's energy is used, the body may replace it with water until it's absolutely sure it can destroy the fat cell. Since this can take up to a month, endomorphs may experience very little weight loss until suddenly a woosh effect happens in which pounds are seemingly lost instantly. I'm really curious because after ruining my metabolism over the holiday's (eating completely SAD for two weeks), I have been eating since then in such a way in which I should have lost weight, but I haven't. If anything, I'm gaining.