First, please no snarky replies, (you there - just read and move on if you don't mind...)
A brief foreward: I started cutting back on sweets (with help from hypnosis) about a week before starting Weight Watchers on 11/28. When I had a meltdown on New Year's Eve over some very good chocolate (a taste led to a binge) I declared sugar was evil. Shortly after this I heard an interview with Robert Lustig, went on to read every page of (Low Carb, High Fat) and ultimately ended up here about a week ago. I've been totally sugar and starch free for almost 2 weeks, and am VERY HAPPY! Oh, and I've lost about 8 lbs. (I have a lot more to go)
In 11 days I am planning to have a dessert with dinner each night for 7 nights. It will be sweet but not overtly so. My question to the forum is this: What should I do during the day, during the meal or after the meal to keep the carbs from inflating my fat cells back to their original condition (as they are wont to do)?
I will be going on a cruise starting Feb 10th. I'll be scuba diving in every port. I plan to use the stairs for exercise and to use the walking/jogging track as much as possible. But I've cruised before, and I know these menus. I have no intention of having any bread, starchy veg. or breakfast Danishes. I DO want to have a nightly dessert, and I want to enjoy it without it kicking my ass the next day! My sweet choices range from ice cream (sugarfree is available) to pannacotta to creme brule. I can also have a fruit and cheese plate, if I don't like the sweet options that night. I'm not interested in starchy sweets like cheesecake or apple pie.
Here at home I seldom drink alcohol, but as my group is having nightly cocktail parties, I am planning on alternating between a glass of Chianti and a jigger of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (need to be rested and alert on my diving days).
I'm open to all suggestions except for "don't eat dessert". It's going to happen. It will only be that week, then it's back to my usual routine, which I find very satisfying sans sugar. I just want to minimize the damage. Thank you!