Loving primal! I am just a few days in and already my energy is a lot better. I was quite blue for a few days at the end of my SAD diet and the transition to this new way of life. I was dragging. Now I feel like my strong self again.

I am a mama and I work part-time from home. It is good to have the flexible schedule because I don't think I know enough good primal recipes to pack lunches yet. It feels safe to be near home.

I just started taking long walks - today I had an hour walk with a giant hill! Felt great but at the end my hips were a little sore. I also belly dance and do Zumba a few times a week. Otherwise I sit way too much and am thinking of ways to move more during the day.

I have about 30 pounds to lose although I am truly 50 pounds overweight. I tend to be very muscular, although right now I am not toned or feeling very strong. We are a family of GROKs.

I am looking forward to beginning lifting.