I say this knowing full well it's bitchy that I'm saying it.

I was heading up the cafeteria at work for a sparkling water and started to think it would be fun to get a muffin or doughnut. Just a little treat. Yeah, I still want to lose another 15-20 pounds but I haven't had a non-compliant treat in sooo long.

So I was at the point where I was telling myself I'd "just look" and see if they had anything interesting. Which you know is likely to lead to eating. Then I walked in the cafeteria and the first person I see there is huge. Brookhaven Obesity Clinic fat.

I walked right past the pastries without a glance and got my water. Thirst was probably behind the craving anyway.

That person never needs to know her fatness was my craving killer today, but at least the obesity epidemic serves a small, petty purpose for me.