Because of hormone related issues I had several tests done. Weirdly my liver enzymes and antibodies came back elevated. I don't drink, at this is weird.
My doctors suspects Autoimmune Hepatitis (the other Hep. were negative), and thinks I am the type of person to have Autoimmune anything (I have a History of Hashimoto's with TSH often normal, sometimes elevated and a Pituitary Tumor that since shrank and my prolactin levels are normal again.

I have been taking herbs to solve my hormonal imbalance and they took care of my acne and my PMS got much better, still hoping the hair loss will stop...but since these herbs also detox the liver I thought they may habe something to do with my levels? One year ago my results were in the higher range of normal.
The herbal supplements I am taking are burdock root, milk thistle, Vitex and DIM.

Could my diet have to do anything with it? I was on low carb Paleo without noticing I was only consuming about 50g a day. I raised it to 100g for now (it seems hard for my body to digest Icarbs now, I get really bloated).

My doctor had me come in three times in a row and seems quite concerned. He was even speaking about hospitalizing me if the levels come back any higher? It seems a bit drastic...?

My results say this:
P ANCA 1:60
X ANCA 1:60
Gamma GT 355+
GOT ASAT 338 ++
GPT ALAT 361 ++

Can anyone shine some light on this?