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Thread: $5 Pig Head

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    My wife wanted nothing to do with that head, she didn't want it in the fridge. I had thaw it in an ice chest outside and wait till she was gone to butcher it.

    The cheeks were damn good!

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    I finally accessed your blog, outside of work....

    How funny! I am planning on picking up a bunch of pork from them at the farm soon

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    Very nice kitoi. Great looking food. Now I am wondering if I could get my wife to eat it. Good to see you around still

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    I've ordered a pig head from the local butchery, so... lol, now all I need is a camping stove. It was bad enough when I started coming home with bone marrow and deer livers... if I try to cook this thing in the kitchen, I don't my family would ever willingly use the pans again xD

    Kitoi - I saw you couldn't get the brains out of the skull before you made a broth out of it. If you boiled the brain in the broth, how did that effect the final outcome? Did you have some sort of grey gooey jelly in the cranium cavity when you were done, or could you get it out by boiling?

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