So I'm 9 months pregnant, Paleo eater since 2008 and I am SHOCKED that only just yesterday I thought about this. I have been reading up on ladies who have their placentas encapsulated and take as suppliments to help with breast-feeding supply, post partum bleeding, and is also beneficial if you have a history of PPD. None of the studies I've seen have been backed by reasearch (probably because the thought of consuming your own placenta is so taboo these days).
Some articles suggest consuming the placenta in it's natural form to reep the maximum benefits and this is the method I'm considering. Aside from it being a human "oran", I can't imagine it beign much different than consuming any other animal organ. It is, after all, the only thing providing nutrients to your child...why not consume it yourself to reap the nutritional benefits?
Curious folks thoughts on this.....Am I a crazy pregnant woman to want to consider this? Have you heard of anyone doing this? Would you if you had a placenta to eat? ha