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Thread: How Much Protein is REALLY Necessary

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    Dairy and eggs would be a much better and cheaper source of protein then nuts and grassfed meats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellajgw View Post
    Well, I guess my hope is to lose weight but keep lean muscle mass. I have 100+ pounds to lose to get to a healthy weight. I don't tend to exercise, as I have very painful joints right now, but do walk about 3 miles throughout the day (pedometer tracking). It says I generally burn around 3000-3500 calories a day just doing what I'm doing.

    My hope is to be eating better, healthier meats but the expense is high. I can manage organic produce but the organic forms of protein is tougher to afford much of. If I only need a small amount, and perhaps not even every day, I might be able to afford that little bit. I also don't have a large fridge/freezer, so buying in bulk isn't an option. I just don't want to do any damage to my system or derail my weight loss because of a lack of protein (from meat). I can always supplement with nuts, etc, if the amount is quite small, but do not want to make any changes until I have a better idea of how much the body needs.
    Eat lotsa eggs. They are good for you in many manners other than the cheap protein. For losing weight and keeping lean muscle Marks 7-1g/lb of lean mass is a fine starting point.

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