It could be just the remnants of the SAD way of life refusing to let go but I've always had the understanding that you should have protein at each meal and every day. Now, I've spent the last three years reading book after book, listening to podcast after podcast, reviewing website and forums and have found varying thoughts on the amount of protein and I'm confused.

I understand that with Primal/Paleo WOE you should be focusing on less/no processed carbs and more good fats but I just heard yet another theory that says that you don't need to eat MEAT each day. Their theory was that it was better to eat meat 4-5 times a week and make sure it's organic and grass-fed (or cage-free, etc) than to eat mass-produced meat and eggs at each meal. The general thought is you don't need THAT much protein and it's better to ensure that the quality of the meat is better than the quantity.

The quality of my meat is an issue, as I just can't afford to be eating Primally AND making sure my meat products are the best. Each week I ensure that at least my chicken is the best possible, but the beef, eggs, and occasional pork is not.

So, my question is then just how much protein do we really need daily, weekly, etc? Do any of you find that you now eat less meat and still feel great, are healthy, and have lost weight?