So, I got down to a nice weight by eating Primal, Fasting 21-23 hours a day, walking on breaks (Didn't go too crazy about the work-outs), and all that. I was able to maintain my weight for a good while, even with some non-primal cheats. Then the Holidays hit, and I got sucked in! I gained 10 lbs since Thanksgiving, by eating junk!!

I'm attempting, AGAIN, to get back to Clean-Primal eating.. Only I'm running into some obsticales..

1) The past few days, I've eaten a lot better, one small slip up a day, maybe, but I haven't lost a single pound! I thought I would have at least lost some water weight??
2) I'm really not digging vegetables. Never been a real big vegetable eater in the first place. I'll eat a salad, but it's starting to get old. So that leaves just eggs and meat, and that can't be all too healthy?
3) Budget is a lot lower this year. Yes, I can eat eggs every once in a while, but I'm kind of burnt out on them.
4) It's winter, and I really don't have a whole lot of motivation to exercise.. We live on the top floor, so I can get too loud. And it's too cold or rainy to go out walking.

I have taken the first steps to eating healthier again, and get back down by 10 or so pounds, but I just seem so dissapointed.

Should I go back to IFing?

Typical day:
AM - Iced tea with a bit of Stevia
Noon - Turkey with a bit of mustard, celery with cream cheese, a piece of cheese
Dinner - Meat of some sort (chx, pork chops, grnd meat) and a salad

Any suggestions or motivation comments?