... been benefitting in so many ways.

I've always thought this way of life is the right thing to do BUT it seemed like a lonely uphill battle convincing my family especially since its been a bit hectic overcoming my own food issues, so i decided to just cook primal meals and if they wanted anything else they could just do it themselves. Ive been doing this for months and just recently - 3 weeks - was focused on going 100% - today I realised the impact its had on my family:

- my hubbie that often suffers from joint problems in his hands, knees, shoulder, etc commented this morning that he's been pain free for the past two months. He also normally gets ravenous by the time we get home from work and the past few days he said he could wait for supper without feeling hungry. He also sleeps better, has more energy and has lost some weight.

- my daughter (16yrs) has been able to focus better at school and has become leaner without trying or depriving herself and is not as stressed

- my son (18yrs) can also concentrate better on his school work and has more energy and seems to be less moody

what's you experience been with your family and friends?