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Thread: Anyone Tried Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot shoes?

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    Apr 2010
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    I tried them on at the store, but they bent painfully at the toe area, pressing in on the top of my toes.

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    Apr 2010
    I've been running trails in the VivoBarefoot Evo and the grip has been great!
    I'm mainly running along cliffs, the beach and in woods. I haven't felt worried about losing my footing at any point.

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    I'm sporting black Dharma's at work as well.

    If you want to get as close to barefoot as possible take the insoles out (they actually want you to do that), and the toe area is plenty wide for expansion when you walk (no cramming).

    They have brown leather ones as well.

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    I just purchased a pair of RAs and wore them as soon as they arrived (two days ago). I immediately went out for a walk (1 mile -- that was an experience) then a drive (I'm a driving freak so I loved the intimate feel of the pedals [stickshift]) then for the rest of the evening.

    The instructions say "take it easy, you're not used to this" which is so right. Any time I've gone out (in the past 65 years ) it's been in "normal" shoes. The parts of my feet which were touching the ground are currently deep pink/orange and though not "sore" as such, I can certainly feel those areas. My intention now is to do the same 7 days on, see what happens, and hopefully reduce the "wear my Vivos" sequence down to daily (eventually).

    As a total newb at this game I'd very much appreciate any Vivo Veterans' advice on the way forward.

    FOOTNOTE (pun intended):
    I just loved the feel of the Vivos as soon as I put them on... but having deep knowledge of "overtraining" there's no way I'll get carried away and wear them every day initially.

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