I'm not joking, even though it was absolutely hilarious!!!! LOL! I'm telling you all because it was funny.

I was at the gym today and some older guy was bragging to some younger guys about the new diet he was doing. I always talk to the younger guy and we were doing squats together earlier with a few other guys. So that's why I jumped into the conversation, just being friendly. Then the old guy got furious when I told them I fasted for an entire weekend.

So we had a disagreement. That lead him to eventually insulting me and saying I have skinny legs. And I take that as a challenge because I've always worked hard on my legs and have been known to have pretty strong legs. So I asked him to load up the squat rack with me "right now" and see who could squat more. He refused, then asked me to do a pose down to see who was more muscular.

Of course I refused to that one because I'm not a bodybuilder, nor would I ever want to go up on stage in bikini bottoms in front of a bunch of other men. LOL!! I said it was for pansies. And that's when the guy asked me to go outside so he could kick my ass. I cooled the situation down shortly after that however.

When I talked to one of the younger guys after, he said that guy was a nice guy and he never saw him act like that before. It really made me wonder. What was the matter with him? Was he on steroids? I am convinced that he was, or maybe too many monsters or something.

LOL! I am sorry if this was a stupid thread. But I had to tell. Because it was funny. I think in reality, the guy was the one who was actually being preachy, because he thought he knew better because he was older, and that's why he was mad. But I can't see how it lead to verbal attacks and eventually threat to physical harm. It was crazy.