I fasted over the weekend because I wanted to drop a little bit of fat. It was easy.

Then I ate yesterday. But today I haven't yet because I'm too lazy to cook and I guess I'm just don't feel hungry. So I'll probably skip again.

Does anyone else do it that way? It seems like a more primal/natural way of doing it.

As a side note on fasting:
When I first learned about fasting, I recall a friend of mine who used to eat what ever he wanted when ever he wanted. It was pretty much the same thing as another friend who was always thin. The only difference, was that he always worked out and lifted weights, but the skinny guy didn't. The results? He was always lean, muscular, and strong.

Why? Because my friend never read books, was very stubborn, and refused to listen to conventional wisdom. He didn't think he needed food prior to working out; with his mental toughness, he believed that the workout was all that he needed to make him strong. And as for diet? He never had an excuse to overeat. If he wasn't hungry he wouldn't eat.