So I have read a a bunch of the post on Cholesterol and to not worry about high numbers and to not worry about elevated cholesterol numbers. I have to do blood work each year as part of health evaluations for my work to get a discount on health insurance. I had blood work drawn last January as part of that and you are supposed to maintain or improve your score.

General Stats -
Male, 31, 160lbs
Fat 50-55%
Carb 25-30%
Protien 20-25%

Last January my numbers were:
LDL: 130 Calculated

Nothing to worry about...over the course of the year I was improving what I was eating paleo wise (buying cleaner meats, pastured eggs, less cheats, etc)

So then in October I had blood work done at a Naturopath. I was feeling a little run down and my digestion was a little off.

Iron: N/A
LDL: 83 Calculated

These numbers were even better and I was super excited. The only thing that came up was that I was B12 anemic, which I thought was weird considering all the meat, eggs etc I was eating. Got B12 injections and take B12 everyday now. Still haven't gotten to the root cause but my digestion is much better lately.

So now in December I had to do my blood work again for had only been 12 weeks between tests and I got these results...

Glucose: 87
Iron:157 HIGH Normal is below 155 so not too high but still
TC: 267 Highest I have ever had in my life!!
LDL: 188 Highest I have ever had in my life!

So I called the company and said they fucked it up and wanted another test. So they agreed seeing my results from October.

Here are my results from 2 days ago....

Glucose: 95 Highest I have ever had!!!
Iron: 169 Still going up!!
Tri:105 Going up!
LDL: 169

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. What kind of Dr or person should I go to work on correcting these issues. I also feel like even though all my thyroid numbers are normal I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I should also mention that I have Health Anxiety so this is particularly stressful to deal with.

Thanks - Jeb