Hi, I'm new at this and need advice.

I've been on PB 2.5 months. I was very sick before. Now I'm gaining enough strength and energy to be interested in adding some exercise to my nutrician. So I'm going to start walking slowly, for fairly short distances. I have a cardio machine I can run on when I get to that place.

I've never done regular, planned exercises and know little about it. I've done the things I loved doing: Competitive swimming and hrose-back riding, jumping, 3-day eventing; running, playing, etc.

My question is about lifting heavy things. I'm 75 and have osteoperosis, although I'll know in another week if I'm over that now. But I've also shrunk already from 5' 9.75" to 5'8" and I don't want to encourage any more shrinking. I've been told, and understand, that it's not my bones that are shrinking but the discs inbetween the vertabra of my backbone, due simply to gravity. In addition my back is not strong. A great chiropractor has kept it in good shape though.

It seems to me that if my back muscles were stronger I'd shrink less. But lifting heavy things sounds like it would make it worse.