I have done it all..

I did Weight Watchers lost 120 lbs...gained back 60 of it. Now I want to relose that 60 lbs and maybe 10 extra lbs.

I have Celiacs Disease which led to the weight gain. I did the CORE plan on Weight Watchers and lost all the weight. Life took over and I started eating the grains and sweets again. The weight just came on. Once I figured out that I have Celiacs Disease I understood WHY I gained weight so quickly. Also why when I eat any type of wheat my stomach feels like I have a lead rock in it.

I also have a peanut allergy and had a very bad reaction the other day. I really wish my stomach would react to wheat the way it does to peanuts. It was VERY scarey.

When I am not fighing the nastiest allergies I am pretty active. I do spinning classes, ride my bike, I work at a horse farm shoveling stalls a couple days a week. I also am a full time student, and work full-time. '

My biggeswt issue is FOOD. I love to eat and really need to stop eating the bad stuff. I hope that this will get rid of all those sweet cravings. I just ordered the book.

OH and I am an engineer so I will dissect this wa of living to death and follow it to the T. I will stil do modified WW but the simply filling/CORE plan. Old habits die hard of writing down what I eat.