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Thread: Frankenfoods Thread

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    Slim rice and slim pasta - made from some weird kind of vegetable fibre supposedly eaten in Asia for centuries. I lived in Asia and travelled round there a lot and never saw it. Asians ate REAL RICE, and they generally do not have an obesity problem.

    Weight watchers/slimming world meals and slim fast shakes - anything that promotes crash dieting and replaces real food with additives really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Koozie View Post
    The health section of my local store has rice cheese, soy cheese, and an entire wall of "milk" that doesn't come from animals. What. The. Hell?
    Reminded me of this Lewis Black routine, he talked about the same thing.

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    My dad's whipping cream. There is no cream in there! Just crystallized cottonseed oil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrose View Post
    My dad's whipping cream. There is no cream in there! Just crystallized cottonseed oil!
    Yes. And what exactly is fat free half and half made of? Halves of what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kata View Post
    I wonder what would happen to the sales of imitation products if they had to label them as imitation? It took me forever to realize that "coffee creamer!" was made of soy and had no actual cream anywhere near it. "Imitation coffee creamer" sounds much less appealing.

    My dad calls powdered coffee creamer "heifer dust".

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