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Thread: straight dope: how bad is gluten, really?

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    For sure - I didn't think that. And I totally agree with you, there's no "good reason" to eat wheat when you can get the same carbs and nutrients from other things like rice and potatoes, not to mention all the substitute gluten free food that's available now.

    I also agree in that the small detriment of having a beer once a month would probably be outweighed by the stress caused by eliminating that .05% wheat consumption in rare instances to be "completely clean." On a totally unrelated note, It's kind of funny how paleolithic zealotry has become almost indistinguishable from vegan zealotry, despite the former thinking they are white knights. Actually, they both think they are white knights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    It's important to note that the typical American eats wheat with virtually every meal - 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - and it typically takes 40-50 years for the effects to start catching up to them. What would happen if you had it for one meal a week? Or two meals a month? Would you even notice? Or - and here's the big question - in such a tiny quantity to a non-celiac, could it actually have a medicinal effect by introducing a mild toxin into the body, which would then be hormesis? I wonder if at any point gluten could actually be a beneficial stressor - in small quantities below toxicity, could it actually make you stronger and more resilient to harm?
    I think it's good to have some grain product once a week or so to at least keep yourself tolerant of the stuff. I don't want to have the reactions other people do. They originally do fine on it then cut it out, 1 year later they have a slice of bread and complain about how it made them sick for 24 hours.

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