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Thread: Free nutritionist visit...

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    There are also plenty of ways to entertain yourself that don't involve being a dick to someone else.

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    i suppose if there's something in the free tests that tell you something useful, it's worth a visit...but i wouldn't do it to try and make a point. i've learned that there isn't much benefit to that. sure, it's fun to look good, have good lipid numbers, and be eating a 6-egg steak and cheese omelet while doing it, but that's not really benefiting anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Especially Tom, this nurse who thinks bacon is killing me. He's pissed that my HDL is higher than his.
    Please share more stories about this. You have such a way with words. I would totally go visit the nutritionist if it was available to me with the blood tests and everything and if I thought I could be smug about my cholesterol. Somehow I'm pretty sure my cholesterol is well over 300 eating even as low in fat as I do (buckets more fish than any kind of terrestrial animal) and that I'd only serve to prove them all right.
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