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Thread: Foods to fight depression?

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    Foods to fight depression?

    I recently had a baby and have been taken aback to find myself feeling depressed. I did not experience this with my first child. I suspect a reason for this may be that I’m more sleep deprived this time around than I was the last time.

    What are foods/supplements I can take to naturally address feeling sad/depressed?

    In the past few days I’ve done the following and it’s really helped (but I want more suggestions):

    -Completely out all sugar ( I was dabbling in it earlier. I think the sleep deprivation had me craving sweets).
    -Eating more salmon
    -Eating more coconut butter and avocados
    -Exercising more
    -Drinking 1/2 cup of black coffee when I feel really bad. It REALLY elevates my mood.

    What else can I do?

    (Edit based on replies below: Yes, I am eating eggs and chicken liver already).
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