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Thread: Right, primal and feeling dizzy

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    Right, primal and feeling dizzy

    On the 'diet' for almost a week. I think of food and what to eat all day.
    Lost weight, almost 2 kilo's / not happy so I bought 2 chocolate bars and had one of them for lunch (stupid but I threw the cold cualiflower away), the other after diner.

    I realy like the principle but I have a hard time believing it. All this meat and proteines! Not good! Still I already see benefits: the color of my gum has changed and my dentist was very pleased to see it's healing, finally. Go figure.

    What I realy hate about this is the cold food at lunch. I have to prepare something in the morning to take to work and I just can't get used to eating salades or raw vegetables when it is freezing outside. I long for more solid food, like a cheese sandwich which we Dutch like to take to work (cheap and handy, haha).

    So, little stressfull experience so far. I'll keep going and reading recipes.
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