Yeah, I've binged and on really stressful days, I find myself doing it again. It's always been a coping mechanism of sorts for me. Back in my pre-primal days, I would binge when things got rough at school -- tests, projects, drama, what have you -- and usually do it after dinner, in the middle of the night. I'd eat till I felt so full I was gonna puke, pass out in bed, wake up the next morning, skip breakfast, and try to survive till lunch.

It was pretty bad. Got worse in college when I had free reign to buy and eat whatever I wanted (with my limited budget of course). I would procrastinate doing the work and then when the work HAD to be done, I'd go buy a couple of two liters of Dr. Pepper, two boxes of knock off pop tarts, and a box of pizza then stay up all night eating and working. It would take me the next two days to feel "normal" again. Pretty effed up.

Since I've gone Primal, my binging is pretty much gone too. Usually once a month or two I'll dip back into it, but it's not as bad as it was before ... I can actually stop myself after awhile as opposed to as before when I was just cramming shit down my throat without a thought. I think about it now. So, yeah, I've binged.

But Primal has helped that a lot and maybe one day it won't happen anymore. We'll see.